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1. Placement of full-size design on shirt: Normally, all full-size designs (about 12x12 inches in size) will be printed on the front of the shirt, unless specified otherwise.
To have it printed on the back, please indicate so in the special request box on the order page.
2. Placement of full-size design with added crest design: If you decide to order a full size design with a matching crest design, then we automatically print the full-size design on the back and the crest design on the front, unless specified otherwise in the special requests box.
3. Ordering a design that automatically comes with a crest (item # BW001 thru BW009) If you decide to order a full size design that already features a matching crest design, (example all Bike Week designs BW001 thru BW009), then we automatically print the full-size design on the back, and the crest design (shown in the lower left corner), is printed on the front over the heart.

3. Placement of Crest designs:

Size: 4x2.5 inches maximum

If you order a crest design by itself, this would go on the front of the shirt, if you order a matching crest design to go with a crest design, then specify which design should go on the front in the Special Requests box.
4. Designs on a black background: These designs are available on all color shirts! The black background visible is part of the black shirt, not the actual design, and would not be visible if you ordered this design on a white or gray shirt.

5. Designs on a white background:

If you order a design shown on a white background, then that particular design is only available on a white or ash (gray) shirt.
Sorry, no exceptions here, these designs don't look good on black because the black details and outlines would disappear.

6. Hat designs?

Only with crest designs. All hats are off-white with a black rim, see picture

To pick a design for a hat, only pick those that are crest designs, these have an "H" in the product number. The hat only comes in one color. See picture. Do specify "golf cap" in the "pick a shirt" drop box!!!
7. What size should I order? See our size chart.
8. Return Policies See our return policies.
9. Special requests: Any special requests will be considered but not guaranteed, unless it is related to the placement of the design and physically possible. Enter your special request in the Special Request box on the order page, or in the comments box in the shopping basket.